Total coins: 764,000 PoW Total supply
34 Coins per PoW block
PoW Algorithm: X13
PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoS interest 50% Annually
PoS Min Stake Time: 1 Day
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
2 minute block target
70 confirmations for blocks to mature
PoW End block: 21631
4% (of PoW supply) Premine – 30,000

PoW specifications:
Block 1 = 30,000 Gimps (Premine = 4,08% of PoW supply)
Blocks 2 – 30 = 0 Gimps (anti-instamining blocks)
Blocks 31 – 21631 = 34 Gimps

GIMPcoin born together with another, bigger, project: create a reliable and easy to use OS dedicated to miners and developers of all CryptoCurrencies world.
It will be an ArchLinux-based or Ubuntu-based release (we are figuring out which one is better for our goal), and it won’t contain many features which usaully people can find on them. In others words, we will remove all utilities or similar, and we’ll replace them with all libraries/dependencies needed to build a wallet, we will add MPOS source with detailed istructions, Qt pre-installed, sources of paper wallets, source of best coins created until now, etc.. all with detailed istructions/guides/how to

and now newbies are asking theirself “wtfuckin language is speaking this fuckin’ asshole? MPOS? qt? libraries? dependencies? are they alien??” yeah.. i can understand.. we thought also to those persons, often they are Windows users and sometimes Mac users.. so, GIMP OS will contain the option to have a VM (please, dont ask me which program and where i found the license  Wink ) with both Windows and Mac pre-installed  Smiley During the first install of GIMP OS, a window will ask you which VM you want to install and all the necessary options needed by a VM to install from an .iso.. obviously you’ll be free to dont install a VM (and you’ll can do it later).

GIMP OS will have his own updates, needed to keep always up to date bitcoin/altcoin wallets deps. There will be a directory containing two awesome simple programs, one for mac and one for windows VMs: the first program which installs ALL last wallets dependencies with just one click !! Again, an easy to use OS is our main goal.

And miners? we thought to miners too. First of all, we think Linux is a beast for mine with GPUs (e.g. Ubuntu is the only OS which support 8 GPUs on the same MoBo Shocked) and with ASICs also.. so we’ll put into GIMP OS all major versions of cgminer/sgminer and ccminer/cudaminer with detailed istructions to made the process easy even for Linux-newbies..