If Bitcoin had made any surge in the market, it is in the online gambling domain. One of the most preferred methods to pay for casinos online is Bitcoins. The online gambling games are slowly evolving and paying a lot of attention on mobile phone users, especially the casino games on android phones.

Android Casino Apps growing exponentially

Most online games are now dabbling into the mcommerce space by creating interface that is mobile phone friendly. Around the world, smart phone users are at an all time high which makes it necessary for the businesses to service the mobile mass. There are many online casino games that are compatible with the android OS but there is still a long way to go for the business to grow progressively.

A huge market for online casino games seems to be on the rise with more and more android phone users are showing keen interest. This trend has definitely caught the attention of casino operators across the world that are looking to take a slice out of this evolving pie and stake their claim in the competitive market. It has been said by the industry experts that a boom in this space is waiting to happen.

Bitcoin & Online Casino Growing Simultaneously

It is not just the casino games in the mobile industry that is seeing an explosive growth but another industry that seems to be growing at par is bitcoins. Bitcoin has been making strong inroads into the market not just in terms of users and merchants but also the increase of bitcoin wallets in Google Play Store.

A healthy Collision between Mobile Casino and Bitcoins

The signs of both these industries colliding are already visible at the face of it as the high number of android supported casino game apps is accepting Bitcoins for payments. The most common casino apps currently are bitcasino.io, cloudbet and MBit that provide casino game platform to android users. There is also the optional hybrid website Betchan Casino, find review here.

The best thing about Bitcoin enabled casino games is that the outcome is always just. To make things fair and promote the healthy game spirit, the Bitcoins are also transparent and public. Anyone can verify the outcome and there is no scope of cheating at any level of the game.

At the same breath we would like to suggest about an extremely friendly casino website called vintage casino club blog where you can learn and share casino tips and tricks and find players from all over the world.

The bitcoin enabled games have low transaction costs and anonymity, thanks to the basic tenet of digital payments, this combination works perfectly for the users. It is worth following if both the markets will grow simultaneously or not.

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