For Watson, ‘Just Do It’ wasn’t enough. Just four months into the Sports Shoe brand Nike, he quit his job and joined a Bitcoin start up instead. The Los Angeles based Bitcoin Company hired Watson to be on their bandwagon only recently.

BitReserve to Enhance their Support System

BitReserve is the new and upcoming money transfer organisation run by Halsey Minor from CNET. Watson will join the company after he resigned from his post of Chief Information Officer from Nike’s department of technology. He also chaired similar position at Barclays prior to joining Nike. Fortune reported that Watson cited personal reasons for leaving the prestigious job of Nike.

To be of Significant Importance in the Banking Sector  

As per Anthony Watson, the one reason that led him to join BitReserve was the unjust financial system and he wanted to make a considerable contribution to this sector. Apart from itching to make an impact, Watson also said that Banking is his favourite domain. He wants to make valuable contributions for the masses and not just one particular industry.

In his words, he praises BitReserve for democratizing the financial domain which makes the transfer of money possible for people at lower rates. In his opinion, this technology will help people all across the world. As of now, the financial systems are privilege of the rich class who have the access to its systems while the poor don’t. To be able to use these services, they have to pay exorbitant rates.

Watson is not just a charismatic young management expert but also a glorified gay activist which goes with the personality of Bitcoin. This decentralized digital currency has been introduced into the system to eliminate the unfair banking rules that has so far been used by the economic leftists to further their interests. The Bitcoin from the start has been the harbinger of breaking this trend and make banking available to the masses and not just the classes.

Suits the Company’s Ethos of Inclusion

Bitcoin is built on a principle of social inclusion and they could not have found a better person than Anthony Watson to meet that objective. He has tremendous expertise in the field of banking and is also known for his leadership skills in social inclusion. Minor says that since his business is all about money, Watson will bring justice and lots more to the table by being a part of the organization.