The latest partnership between Tango Card and bitcoin wallet SnapCard, the users will now be able acquire bitcoins through a loyalty program born out of their partnership.

Traditional methods soon to be overpowered by the new ones

The bitcoin enthusiasts earlier could only acquire bitcoins by either mining that is by solving complicated computer algorithms to create or unlock new digital currency or buy it from the trading sites. However, with the partnership of Tango Card and SnapCard, this is going to change. The users can now acquire this currency by another means known of loyalty programs offered as a result of this collaboration.

The users can participate to earn loyalty programs

The SnapCard and Tango Card partnership has enabled the users to receive bitcoins if they walk 10,000 steps as part of the wellness program or they can trade their loyalty rewards for virtual currency. This simple step will now make any reward program powered by Tango Card to add bitcoins amongst their offerings. This can be attributed by the company’s latest API “reward as a service”.

New Platform for the new beginnings

The reward option offered by Tango Card was a result of their decision to integrate a new API from SnapCard, bitcoin merchant processing service provider. This service is called MassPay API and it is this play form that allows the users to select bitcoin as their preferred e-reward.

MassPay API will enable the merchants to hold the funds in various currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD and Euros before turning them into bitcoins and making the respective transfers to the users.

The recipients of the funds will be able to cash out this digital currency in one of the 15 local currencies through SnapChat wallet using their instant or next day transfers. A small fee of 0.25% is levied on this transaction.

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