Houston is a name synonymous with technical hubs and this where one would fine an answer to all their technical troubles. It goes without saying that digital currency like Bitcoin too found refuge in the heartland of all the technological action, Houston. FinalHash, a popular consulting company dedicated to Bitcoin, in conjunction with Cryptospaces brings its very own embassy. This Houston Bitcoin Embassy, located at 6907 Almeda RD is a newly established joint venture that has been dedicated to tech startups in Bitcoin industry. Another plan of the action in the offing is to setup a Bitcoin ATM as an additional facility within the campus.

Texas Coinitiative: Non Profit Association to Promote Bitcoin use in Texas

 The Houston Bitcoin Embassy has become an important part of the Texas Coinititaive that works solely for the promotion of Bitcoin and its potential use within the Texas region.

The Mission Statement

 They believe that their growing community will play a crucial role in marking the progress of Bitcoin in its respective field. They will also promote networking, connections with innovators and entrepreneurs who are currently working in the most exciting technological space.

Agenda for its mission

 To successfully advertise their mission, Texas Coinitiative will arrange meet-ups, targeted is at leats 1 meet-up each week. This includes the Houston Bit Business Meet-up that has been designed exclusively for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Renowned business professionals are invited to address the new crowd so that they can be encouraged to enter this domain. They have so far gathered the best and the most prominent names in the industry so that they can offer some professional insight into the Bitcoin industry and inspire new Bitcoin businesses as well as developers. Some well known names are Peter Todd – Bitcoin Core Developer, Nick Sullivan – Changetip CEO and Bob Wilkins – Ziftr CEO.   

Also promoting an Educational Project

 The Houston Bitcoin Embassy just does not want to promote the usage of Bitcoins in the industry but also create awareness by implementing an educational project led by Jay Campuzano of Yo Soy Bitcoin. The beginners can see video tutorials about the Bitcoin and learn from the best people of the industry. This awareness program will make the beginners more informed about the industry practices and the usage of this new technological advancement that we know as digital currency. To make this innovation an acceptable part of the system, these initiatives and more will come very handy.

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