If the rumour wine is to be believed, the word on the streets is that now it is too late to explore the Bitcoin space for newcomers. However, Roger Ver AKA Bitcoin Jesus begs to differ.

Although it may seem that the world of Bitcoin has changed significantly and a lot has happened since its launch. However, the truth is that it is still safe to call it a nascent stage of crypto-currency but the things are changing fast. This year, there have been many reputed financial institutions that have been involved in bitcoins. First Goldman Sachs joined the bandwagon and then Wall Street too entered into the mainstream. Nobody would have thought this a few years back, said Ver at Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

The Change as you can see it

Bitcoin has certainly become a buzzword and there is scope of mainstream adoption as so many ATMs are already existent and it is only a matter of time when they will make provisions for bitcoins too. Gradually, this is all heading towards world wide acceptance.

Amazon will make the most

Ver thinks that Amazon is one of the many companies that will benefit the most from the growth of Bitcoins. Amazon is already spending a stupendous amount of $2.6 Billion in credit card fees every year. But if they make the switch to Bitcoins, it would virtually eliminate that spending and increase the profits by two folds.

Bitcoin users growing

Although the rough estimate of Bitcoin users is about 5-6 Billion worldwide but the exact numbers are not known due to anonymity. However, this number will grow, says Ver. People will be happy to use this currency for grocery shopping as well as gambling and not to mention the low cost international money transfer.

The Future

The future of bitcoins looks promising because of heavy investments made by VCs in the crypto-currency infrastructure. When Bitcoin came into being, there was only one exchange. However, we can see that number growing.

As per Ver, since the supply of Bitcoin is limited, it is better to invest in some currency and hold on to it until it is good enough time to make some serious profit out of it. The way the usage of this currency is growing the day is not far when it will be traded in exorbitant amounts.

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