Amsterdam has been funding start-ups to realize its dream of making it a “bitcoin capital of the world”. In retrospect, Amsterdam has encouraged bitcoin related events in the past and also opened the Bitcopin Boulevard that signed up 10 merchants who will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

They were also selected to host the Annual Bitcoin conference of 2014 last May which attracted the most high-profile Bitcoin enthusiasts from all over the world.

Sander Regtujit, Business Development Manager at BitStraat is encouraging the Bitcoin users who have not had the opportunity so far explore the true offerings of this digital currency. Bitcoin can be used to fund your Amsterdam trip in following ways.

Travelling made easy with Bitcoin

The users will not only be able to pay for their airline tickets with the digital currency but also pay for their food and beverage while in Amsterdam using Bitcoins. It has made it easier for the Bitcoin users to now use their digital money to explore one of the most frequently travelled cities in the world.

Pay for your accommodation with Bitcoin

There are now Bitcoin friendly accommodation options in De Pijp district of Amsterdam that accept payments made in Bitcoin. When you make a booking online, you can choose to pay via Bitcoin and will also raise a BitPay invoice along with QR code and wallet address for the conclusion of transaction.

Expedia too joined the bandwagon when they listed hotels that are accepting Bitcoins for hotel bookings.

Even if your hotel asks for the debit/credit card details from you, don’t panic as that is only customary. The customers can mention that they will pay using Bitcoin in the booking form to avoid being charged on the card.

Explore Amsterdam and pay using Bitcoins

Amsterdam has rich history and culture with a vivacious nightlife that offers something for everyone. Due to less traffic on the roads, one can also explore the city on a bicycle that too can be rented using Bitcoins via Starbikes.

You can also pay for a boat tour with your digital wallet. There are many other options that are available to the people looking to use Bitcoins to pay for their trip.

Eat and shop using Bitcoin

Many merchants have been roped in to accept bitcoin payments for food and shopping that further opens up its application across Amsterdam. These initiatives will help the digital currency to make way into mainstream usage and become a universally acceptable form of currency exchange all over the world. The Bitcoin community is growing stronger by the day in Amsterdam and is doing its bit in bringing this currency to the forefront.

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