Bitcoin Now in the Music Industry Too

Bitcoin is sure making a lot of headway recently. The final conviction of Ross Ulbricht, founder of Silk Road, potential exit of Greece from European Union and if Bitcoin is a legitimate currency or not!

With so much happening around the digital currency, there is one particular group who is using the bitcoins for a far more interesting purpose – creating music!

Bitcoin in Music

The growing music industry for bitcoins is getting creative about the digital currency. They are making new songs with a touch of bitcoin or reworking on existing ones with slightly different compositions. The singers and the rappers of bitcoin music industry are going the extra mile to make things more entertaining.

Bitcoin cover of “Bitcoin Girl” is one of the most viewed YouTube videos where Naomi Brockwell has reworked on Billy Joel version of “Uptown Girl”. In this video, she is a data miner and an Economist reading woman belonging to the modern times. She is being serenaded by a man who is stuck with coins and paper money. She kisses the Federal Reserve a warm goodbye and moves over to digital currency.

Popular songs undergoing bitcoin rendition

Another popular YouTuber, Kryptina has worked on Selena Gomez number, Love you like a Love Song” and created a virtual currency song, “Love you like a Bitcoin”. This tune is all about setting man free from the clutches of debt-based currency.

Even the creator of Bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto has been rejoiced by the country music singer, John Barrett. “His ode to Satoshi” is considered as the official bitcoin song. According to Barrett and his song, Satoshi’s currency will reign over the traditional ones. He also talks about Mt. Gox and how miners make bitcoin in blocks.

The most important member that belongs to the music family of bitcoin is an elderly rapper by the same name, Bitcoin. In his NSFW version “Internet Bucks” he tells all the listeners how bitcoins as a currency will replace fiat money and that they should learn their lessons from him. The song may seem lyrically ridiculous and you may not learn too much about this ever popular bitcoins. However, it is definitely interesting and more so with his claims that the bitcoins will soon take over all the American banks.

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