Learning Enterprise Organisation (LEO) has just recently unveiled its completely anonymous digital currency, LEOcoin which has been introduced to compete with market leader Bitcoin. This UK based organization launched the alternative currency in UK on Wednesday and is set to start trading with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange officially from 2nd April onwards. As it makes its foray into HKSE, it will soon be accepted by other exchanges as well.

Dan Andersson, LEOcoin Co-founder, believes that this currency is the need of the market and will make accessibility and usability much better than other digital currencies.

In order to take this currency and enhance its functionality, the company has already introduced wallets on multiple operating systems. It is currently available on Windows 64 Bit Wallet, Linux Wallet, Windows 32 bit Wallet and Mac OS Wallet.

All the people that are interested in LEOcoins can easily buy them and mine them by joining a mining pool. There is also an option of trading them. With the help of LEO’s Merchant Program, global LEO marketplace will become accessible for these traders.

LEOcoins uses two layers of validation, Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake which makes them one of the safest currencies to use online as of today.

The widespread promotion of this concept by LEO to its existing 131,176 clients also makes it the second largest digital currency in the world.

Launch of LEOcoin began on a shaky ground as it is the same organization that conducted widespread survey including 1000 small and medium enterprises which revealed that a shocking 85% will most likely stay away from using any form of digital currencies which includes Bitcoins, LEOcoins, Litecoin, Dogecoin and the likes.

Another study conducted by YouGov revealed another shocking fact that regardless of mainstream propaganda, digital currency has failed to gain acceptance so for and has not been readily adopted. The awareness level is as high as 86% and out of which merely 2% were willing to give this digital currency a try.

Dan Andersson takes this up as a challenge and adds that for the market to adapt to this shift in money, the industry has to do a lot more so that they can gain credibility.

For LEOcoin, it still seems as a prudent business move as they have seamlessly aligned their currency’s accessibility and its usability to fundamental principles of the digital currency industry. With safe industry practices and continued promotion, they are sure to breakthrough to the market in a positive way.