Taringa!, the largest social networking platform of the Hispanics has announced their association with Bitcoin in the form of Rewards Program. This program will be called Taringa! Creadores (Taringa! Creators) and will be open to all the users who use this platform. However, as of now, one needs an invite to join the network.

Taringa! is very different from other social networks. It looks more like Reddit than Facebook and is mostly used for content with propensity to get viral, unlike facebook which is restricted mainly to the user’s personal contacts and friends.

Taringa! – A promising Social Network

This network was established in 2004 by Fernando Sanz, a school student, and was later sold in 2006 to Alberto Nakayama, Matias Botbol and Hernan Botbol who were intrigued by the platform’s growing popularity.

The proposed plan of action for the Rewards Program

The creators program will be used to felicitate the Taringa! users who submit viral content on this platform. The users can earn advertising revenue that their posts bring in to the company and will be rewarded in the form of Bitcoins in collaboration with Xapo.

There is not much information available regarding the program’s guidelines. However, as per the the landing page of Taringa!, it os open to any type of content, except plagiarism of course.

The strength in numbers

The Taringa! Network boasts of about 27 million registered users and gets close to 75 million unique hits on a monthly basis. If the program is publicized properly, it could mean really well for the crypto currency as thousands of users will earn some amount of Bitcoins as rewards. It inadvertently will increase the user base for the digital currency.

From the CEO’s Mouth

Hernan Botbol, CEO Taringa! Is planning to invest $750000 on Bitcoin Rewards program and believes that since the Bitcoins have penetrated the Latin American market, the users will be very happy to receive them as rewards in exchange for their content on the networking site. This will not only enthuse new users to join but will also help in diffusion of Bitcoins in the large part of the region. They can both leverage from each other’s respective popularity.  

Xapo has been chosen for the strategic alliance with Taringa because of its reliable and strong standing in terms of Bitcoin wallets. They are also focusing their strategy solely on Hispanic markets only. The company is owned by Latin American owners which will also help them in understanding the Hispanic ethos and needs of millions of users that use Taringa! and Xapo.

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