Digital currency is now a common name in the markets and everyday there seems to be a new addition to this playground. This time, however, the new entrant will have a much greater impact on the world than other crypto-currencies and their counterparts. BitSeeds is the new concept that is being brought into the world with a notion of protecting the endangered rainforests of Amazon. This initiative will be supported by Rainforest Foundation. BitSeeds is a cryptocurrency that is capable of doing everything that Bitcoin can. However, what makes it better is that it accrues interest on a yearly basis that Bitcoin doesn’t.

BitSeeds developed to address the Rainforest Problem

This unique concept came into being when BitSeeds Foundation and Rainforest Foundation joined hands for a common purpose, protecting the disappearing rainforests as well as its diminishing indigenous population. Rainforest Foundation was founded by artiste Sting and his spouse Trudie Styler almost 25 years ago. They began working actively for the protection and restoration of the rainforests in Amazon and its native aboriginal populace. BitSeeds Foundation is the non profit arm of BitSeeds and came forth to help with the purpose of rainforest security by planting one billion trees and also support the aboriginal population that lives in the rainforest. For this objective, they have set aside 100 Million BitSeeds in a special wallet and the interest generated by this currency will directly go to the Rainforest Foundation so that they can continue doing their good work. BitSeeds Foundation will be the curator of these designated BitSeeds which is 10% of the 1 Billion bitseeds speculated to be mined over the lifetime of this digital currency.

This year old initiative has already gained traction

A year back, this initiative was born and since then has made strong inroads into the Rainforest Foundation when BitSeeds Foundation contacted the former. BitSeeds is also working with which is a New York based payment processor, also working towards this cause and is aiming to build a sturdy network of merchants who are willing to accept BitSeeds.

BitSeeds is ardently working towards relentless deforestation of the rainforests, its debilitating impact on the environment and also the lives of the local population whose lives depend on these forests. The success of BitSeeds is yet to be established just like every other crypto-currency but they have started on a good note and are likely to gain victory as they progress deeper into their initiatives.        

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