Social media is at all time high in this time and age and it only seems prudent to use this medium to increase awareness of the digital currency amongst masses. There are also some platforms that are capitalizing on this growing trend by integrating social networking with Bitcoin. SendChat is one such platform who is working diligently to provide a secure platform to its users.

SendChat Partners with Telegram to Bring Digital Currency to Users

For the BlockChain technology to be made available to masses, the best way to do it is by using a tool that already exists. SendChat did the same when it partnered with Telegram, a popular social media platform with a user base of over 50 million users worldwide. SendChat combines this colossal base of users with crypto-currency to create a platform for mainstream communication related to Bitcoin.

The decision to build SendChat on Telegram was based on the fact that the latter prioritizes security and privacy of its users above everything else. The digital currency aficionados across the globe are looking for exactly that! Thus, it only makes practical sense to bring these together for a common purpose.

As a result, SendChat is now one of the most secure social media platforms that bring Bitcoins to its millions of users worldwide. With more than 30 fiat currencies, it is now also a supporter of Bitcoin, the main digital currency that intends to support currencies of global repute.

Extended Security by BlockTrail

Although, Telegram is super secure on its own, SendChat ups the ante further by collaborating with BlockTrail in order to bring additional layers into the app. BlockTrail is a reputed service provider of multi-signature platform and Bitcoin API that can be scaled as per any developer.

It is the multi-sig feature of BlockTrail that will make all the payment transactions for SendChat even safer. The users can create indefinite number of Bitcoin addresses by using one single master key. Users also do not have to manually create any information of their digital currency as it can all be done via BlockChain at the backend automatically.


This partnership reveals the intent of digital currency social platform, SendChat to give to its users not only a secure network but also a private one without compromising the user experience with the interface. Since the use of Bitcoins is growing, platforms like this will only make things easier and much safer than it already is.

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