CheapWindowsVPS has joined the tens of thousands of online retailors that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. By accepting Bitcoin for VPS, you can rapidly deploy Windows based servers that can be configured to facilitate a variety of different tasks.

CheapWindowsVPS provides virtual private servers, virtual dedicated servers and bare metal servers that feature 99.99% uptime with 24/7 support. By providing robust virtualized and bare metal servers at competitive prices, CheapWindowsVPS has become a popular choice for those looking to instantaneously extend out their Windows infrastructure. Here’s why:

VPS Built in Datacenters Near You

CheapWindowsVPS has datacenters located in the Eastern, Central and Western regions of the United States. If you desire a European presence, CheapWindowsVPS has strategically located servers in Paris, France. Having a datacenter located near the major population centers of the globe allows you to experience low ping response times. With a low ping response time, your server’s applications will be able to function at it’s true capabilities.

Using VPS as a Virtual Desktop

You can connect with your virtual private server’s GUI interface using any RDP app. That means that you can access your VPS from any Windows, iOS, Android or Linux device. Having the flexibility to leverage a dedicated Windows Server instance provides you with the ability to remotely host Windows based applications.

Accelerated Virtual Networking Capabilities

Windows server can also be used as a virtual workstation that could be connected to your organization’s domain through a VPN connection. Since your virtual desktop instance will be connected to a burstable 1Gbps virtual network port, you will experience an exponential increase in download speeds onto your VPS over what is typically found on average broadband connections in the USA.

Windows as a Web Server

Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 alongside all of the different flavors of these specific versions of these operating systems are available for you to select when you order your server. Each version of Windows Server has a specific version of IIS bundled with it. Server 2012 comes bundled with the latest version of IIS installed.

WebsitePanel on VPS

Many users utilize the open source WebsitePanel website administration panel. WebsitePanel gives users a web based view of server space and resources. WebsitePanel is a popular choice among Windows website hosting resellers. In addition to virtual and bare metal server sales, CheapWindowsVPS also offers shared hosting that that is delivered using WebsitePanel. Shared hosting plans can certainly be purchased using Bitcoin.

Solid State Drives Made Redundant by RAID-50

Solid state drives provide unrivaled performance, reliability and savings on energy costs. CheapWindowsVPS implements SSDs in its RAID-50 configurations. Without going into too much detail, RAID-50 ensures that two spares are available to step in if a primary disk failure were to occur. This type of redundancy ensures 99.99% server availability and network uptime.

Lightning Fast & Reliable Services

CheapWindowsVPS offers solutions that accommodates workloads of all sizes. Services from shared web hosting to bare metal servers can be instantaneously deployed. Since our platform offers solid state drives, strategically placed datacenters and lightning fast 1Gbps burstable connections, CheapWindowsVPS competes with the leading VPS solutions at a fraction of the price.

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