Singapore based Startupbootcamp Fintech is organizing a unique kind of hackathon fest that will focus on the Blockchain technology. This branch of London’s Startuobootcamp Global Accelerator is using this platform to urge young talent to come up with exclusive financial products that are suitable for the developing and developed markets.

What is this event all about?

During the DBS Blockchain Hack event, the participants are required to develop products that are related to the banking sector, while using the Blockchain technology. In the world of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is the buzzword and backbone of the digital currency mechanism. With the help of this mechanism, the currencies like Bitcoin would not be able to keep a track of all the transactions that happen across the Bitcoin network. This major event is scheduled to happen on 8th and 9th May at Startupbootcamp Accelerator venue.

What is the focus of this challenge?

This event will use this platform to encourage the development of unique financial products that can cater to developed and upcoming markets. This challenge will require all the participants to create an appropriate solution that focuses on developing nations. The main idea of this technology for the emerging markets is to make safe banking available to all the regions that do not have adequate banking facilities in their region. For the developed nations, the products and technology will be used to enhance the end user experience by using this blockchain technology.

The winners of this contest will be awarded $15000 as a cash prize. First and second runners up will be felicitated with $10,000 and $8,000 cash prize, respectively. This event is being sponsored by major players like DBS Bank, IBM, Coin Republic, Ideatory and Infocomm Investments.

How can you participate?

If you are a developer and would like to participate in this event, then you can use this link register yourself for the DBS Blockchain Hack. For the people that need more information about the event, the cryptocurrency industry and details about this sector then they can also signup for the meetup event which is scheduled to happen on 16th April in the company venue. The participants will be addressed by industry experts such as Neal Cross, Dan Elitzer, Andras Kristof and Markel Larsen, amongst others.

The participants for the contest can use this opportunity to gain greater insight into the digital currency sector. This knowledge can be further culminated into the creation of unique products that will be used by global markets in the future.