In first of its kind move from a movie studio, Open Road Films, fans will now be allowed to pay for their movie ticket in Bitcoin. The movie opens on 19th June and is a comedy based on a high school geek.

The consumers will be able to book their tickets online by using digital currency on that lists over 900 theatres spread across US. The crypto-currency payment platform is being setup by GoGoin that will help process these payments which will be similar to making credit card purchases. This deal was brought to fruition by a social media agency, Partiqal.

Bitcoin Payment method chosen to suit the film’s geek spirit

The option to pay for their tickets in bitcoin was by no accident. The film that describes the central character Malcolm is someone who enjoys the 90’s culture of hip hop and has a proclivity for today’s technology. This film is set to debut on Friday in 2000 theatres across US, after being critically acclaimed at the Sundance Festival, has been referencing iPhones, YouTube and modern day apps like Waze. However, the most crucial role is played by our very own digital currency in the movie.

The movie also references bitcoin in scenes where Malcolm and his friends need to make quick buck by selling drugs and do so anonymously so they think of using bitcoins for this process.

This is the reason using bitcoins for payment to promote their movie seemed like an organic step because of how the digital currency plays a role in the movie.

Movie highlights how there would be no Bitcoin without the Silk Road

Alex Winters, director of ‘Deep Web’, a documentary based on Silk Road is based on Ross Ulbricht who routinely used bitcoins for sale and purchase of illegal drugs. He is currently sentenced to life imprisonment. Even ‘Dope’ is all about using bitcoins for selling drugs which highlights how without the Silk Road, bitcoins would perhaps not even exist. is known to use unconventional themes to promote the sale of their tickets to the fervent viewers. They are always looking out for such opportunities that give them the chance to drive ticket sales by using such antics.

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