As we we covered a while ago how android casinos by bitcoins are on the rise, seems as the digital currency has been used by the gaming sector for some time now and it doesn’t seem as if something is going to stop it. If you are someone who is well acquainted with the world of online or mobile gaming then you would be well aware of the concept of XP points or game coins. Every time you reach a milestone, you are awarded with XP points that are credited to your profile and can be used to purchase upgrades. However, to accumulate a lot of points mean that you have to invest a lot of hours in playing online. But there is also another way that helps in buying these points by making in-app purchases. You have to pay for these by using the fiat currency.

How bitcoin grew in the gaming landscape

The gaming service providers are not blind to the growing influence of bitcoin in the virtual space and are already exploring different avenues where they can create acceptance for the currency as a valid mode for payment.

Gizmag revealed recently that Microsoft apps and games can be paid for by using bitcoins. Acceptance by Microsoft is definitely a way forward and is a notable progress where the bitcoin is being integrated with the online games or at least is being accepted a as mode of payment. Even though to it is too soon to say that the integration of bitcoin with online gaming will happen anytime soon but when big names like Microsoft integrate its usage, it is only a matter of time when the others will follow suit too.

How bitcoin is developing the current gaming domain

Much has been written and said about bitcoin contributing to online gambling more so in US due to legality issue. The users of bitcoins believe that it is the best option for people to use bitcoins while gambling online because of the anonymity and the privacy. However, we believe that illegal gaming is not worth the risks it entails, even with bitcoins! But if you are someone more concerned about being within the purview of law, you can also play casino themed games that are just as much fun and also legal.

Betkurus, leading online gambling platform, just recently partnered with CoinMatrix to raise the capital of $670,000 in investment. The players using Betkurus can deposit bitcoins in their respective gaming profiles and convert them to any currency for placing bets online.

Since the gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds, the use of bitcoins are likely to grow too.

Even though the rush around bitcoin has relatively died in the past few months, the way businesses are allowing digital currency to be used a valid payment method, it seems like bitcoin is not going anywhere.

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