Earlier, “Hashlet frenzy” occurred at the launch of GAWMiner’s Hashlet. A portion of the Shopify network went down from the massive surge in sales. GAWMiner now sells more in Bitcoin sales per day than Overstock does, much thanks to the Hashlet.

GAWMiner’s CEO, Josh Garza, has previously made headlines with his purchase of BTC.com. He has also donated 100 mh/s of his own Hashlets to CryptoCause.org to help it become a self-sustaining fundraiser organization. This move is after Josh and GAWMiners offered special discounts and deals through CryptoCause.org to help raise funds and match donations.

GAWMiners is offering double hash rate for all Hashlet owners for 12 hours. The move was made to show appreciation for the record amount of sales, and also to showcase the modularity of the Hashlet.

Josh had this to say:

GAW Miners is doubling the payouts of all out customers for 12 hours.

Hashlet has been the most successful product we’ve ever launched for a reason. With zero pool fees, depreciating hosting costs, exclusive access to the most profitable multipool on earth, and coming features like changeable algorithms and more, Hashlets are the most advanced and future-proof miners in the world.

We decided to double the payouts of all Hashlets customers for the next 12 hours to show just how easy it is to upgrade a digital cloud miner. In this case, we wanted to offer a token of our appreciation to all those that have made Hashlets the success it is today.

Our customers will get to sit back and watch the best miner in the world simply keep getting better! And we will keep rewarding those customers with more and more innovated features. We have only just started!

Christian of GAWMiners also had this to say about the 12 hr promotion and Hashlets themselves:

There’s a lot to love about mining. Hashing coins, trading currency, researching options, watching payouts, calculating returns are some of the things people in this industry love about mining. What they don’t love so much is equipment that quickly becomes obsolete, rapidly loses its value, and never has a chance to ROI since shipping it alone costs an arm and a leg.

Hashlet is the result of us stepping up to that challenge. Is there a to make what people love about their miners even better while leaving behind what they don’t?

It’s easy to think of this 12hr Double Hash period as a “promotion”, but it’s not. Think of it more as a feature showcase. A hint of what’s to come.

The ability for someone to double their miner’s hashrate is an integral part of what makes a Hashlet a Hashlet.

We haven’t settled on precisely which upgrades will be offered in the future and which we can give away and which we will have to charge for, but the bottom line is this. Hashlets have the ability to be upgraded beyond limit. Quadrouple your hashrate for X per MH, Permanently reduce your maintenance fee for X per MH, Mine this new algorithm for X per MH. These are all possible now.

You have to kind of wipe away what you used to know about miners and accept Hashlet as a whole new paradigm. This 12 Hour Double Hashrate isn’t a promo. It’s revving the engine.

With so many scams and shady dealings going on in the mining marketplace it, is nice to see a company and its CEO not only do what they say but giveback to those customers that get them there.

I always try and stay impartial about the many subjects I write but in this instance I have to say thanks to Josh and GAWMiners for putting your customers first. I also want to thank all the customers, and people in our industry are loyal to all the companies like GAWMiners, Spondoolies-Tech, Bitmain, Rockminer and so many others that work hard for us.

What More Can The Hashlet Do?

The Bitcoin and Crypto Mining ecosystem is changing rapidly with power and heat dissipation requirements going up, there will be a big shift to the cloud for some and more serious hands on setup for others. The evolution has been amazing to see. It is nice to see moves from companies that aim to keep the customers and miners engaged.

With this 12 hour double hash rate, GAWMiners are showing just how versatile and robust their software and hardware mining operation is. Now the questions remaining are, just what new algorithms are going to be supported and in which ways are customers going to be able to use the Hashlets? With the promise that they can and will evolve and continue to be useful there are so many possibilities.


Source: cryptocoinsnews.com