InformUp is a lead provider of quality assurance software that more and more people are starting to appreciate. Having developed a series of products that aim to help both startup companies as well as companies that have experience in the field of application development, the quality of its products and professionalism of its services have convinced many that it is a reliable provider. Among its products, one of the most popular is the one is TestUp, a cheap and reliable test case management tool. This product offers its users the chance to create unlimited projects and test cases as well as organize tests successfully. In addition, since the team of InformUp is aware that many companies use the Jira bug tracking system, they have adapted their test case management tool to work in perfect harmony with Jira. TestUp can be perfectly integrated with Jira, allowing users to generate their bugs straight from test runs and thus significantly reducing the QA time.

Those who are not necessarily interested in Jira and would like to try a different bug tracking system can choose BugUp, InformUp’s professional tool for tracking bugs. Naturally all the products of this company have been designed to work well together, so BugUp easily integrates quality assurance and enables its users to obtain excellent results. With features such as unlimited projects and bugs and screenshot and online image editor, many specialists in the field find this product interesting, as it can help them better understand the problem there are dealing with. Many users do not know how to explain exactly the nature of their problem, so having a picture to reproduce their problem is very valuable. Naturally, InformUp also has a professional Application Lifecycle Management tool. This is considered to be one of the friendliest web-based software available on the market and many specialists appreciate it for the fact that it offers an unlimited number of projects and thus it fits small and large companies alike.

This company offers a free trial for all of its products, thus allowing those who are not familiar with any of the quality assurance tools available at InformUp to test them and convince themselves of their quality. This company maintains competitive rates, making it a suitable choice for anyone interested in high quality products. The latest novelty about this company is the fact that it now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin has really increased in popularity over the past few years and more and more investors prefer it for its safety and accessibility. This is why, in an effort to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, InformUp now accepts Bitcoin from those who are interested in purchasing one of its tools. The tools offered by this company can either be installed on the client’s server or hosted by InformUp itself. Those who do not know which option will suit them better can discus with a company representative who will offer them competent advice regarding their best choice and help them make a decision that will be in their advantage.

To conclude, it is easy to see why InformUp has become a leader in its field. With a complete range of quality assurance products and reliable application lifecycle management tools, this service provider aims to help both large and small companies achieve their targets successfully and offer reliable services. The fact that it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method is an added bonus to an already excellent group of products and services. Those who want to find out more information about the products of this company can visit its website for full details.