Lionsgate Films of Hunger Games and Divergent fame and GoCoin, processor of digital currency payments are collaborating with one another that will bring digital currency to the forefront of one of the most recognized industries of the world, Hollywood.

The announcement first came from the CEO of GoCoin, Steve Beauregard in New York’s Inside Bitcoin conference and was later confirmed by the senior vice president, Peter Wilkes of Liongates Films. Wilkes confirmed that the company is planning to integrate the digital payment processing gateway into their online store as well as other planned events in the future. He also explained that their decision to accept Bitcoins for payment was their intrigue for new technology that Bitcoin brings to the media space as well as for connecting the new generation consumers with their bright possibilities.

GoCoin to follow into the film studios too

Beauregard further elaborated on the announcement in Follow the Coin, a Bitcoin blog that they plan to take other filming studios also under their fold.  This is going to be the customer acquisition strategy followed by GoCoin as their expansion plan. By getting big studios onboard, they will be able to create more places where the bitcoin becomes an accepted form of payment and thus propelled into the mainstream.

GoCoin, Pioneers of Digital Currency Payment Gateway

GoCoin was established in the year 2013 and allows the merchants to take payments in Bitcoin, litecoin, Tether and Dogecoin. Their responsibility is to not just to provide a secure payment gateway to these merchants but to also maintain the risk of volatility by issuing payouts in top currencies like US dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros and Singapore Dollars.

The strategy to get the Hollywood studios in line for creating a market for Bitcoin will prove to be an effective way of getting the common people’s attention towards their currency that has so far been used only amongst the technology enthusiasts. Apart from that, with big solid names backing a payment structure that is outside of the conventional systems will lend a sense of legitimacy and also be extension some trust in the system that so far is missing.

Lionsgate can spur a trend that can prove highly beneficial for the growth of digital currency and also promote the use of GoCoin as the payment gateway for processing the payments securely.

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