In one of its kind challenge, London’s Abby Scarlet is a photographer and has decided to take on a challenge where she will only accept Bitcoins as payment from her clients. She revealed in her interview in her North London Studio that has been two weeks since she went on this challenge and how she is personally involved in mainstream adoption.

Bitcoin Idea Began from Home  

The knowledge about Bitcoin for Scarlet came from her flatmates who shared who her flat in Brighton, UK’s famous seaside. Living with a Bitcoin Miner and an enthusiast gave her a lot of technical knowledge about this digital currency.

She revealed that she was exposed to all the news and information about the digital currency through reddit forums where the community was supportive of its members. Her decision to take up the Bitcoin challenge has been based on the helpful intent of this whole community and how they want to bring this currency to the forefront.

Word of Mouth

This challenge is not the only initiative where Scarlet has helped in spreading the word about Bitcoin. She also helped a local clothing store in Brighton to setup its first Bitcoin ATM.

She believes that Bitcoin has a lot of potential and has a promising future. It is safe to say that it is her expressive way at seeing the world through her camera that helped her hop onto the Bitcoin bandwagon. Artists are always able to see things that a normal average person can’t.

However, her decision is more practical than aesthetic. Upon realizing the potential of Bitcoin to transform conventional financial systems, she decided to be a part of it and spreads the word by telling her clients how and why they should use Bitcoins.

She also roped in organizers or live music events where they published the Bitcoin symbols on their flyers and will accept the digital currency as payment for food and drinks at their stalls.

The Risk factor

Even though Scarlet knows about the risk of losing business as a result, she said that she would have to unfortunately turn away clients if they are unwilling to pay for her fees using Bitcoins. The idea is not to force the clients into using bitcoins but give it a try gradually.

On the other hand, she admits that the business has been more or less the same for her. There has not been any dramatic loss.

Future as Scarlet knows it

Scarlet believes that despite her efforts, there are some issues that need to be addressed before the mainstream adoption of digital currency by the masses.

She says the biggest problem is the accessibility. Unfortunately, all the information that is available online has much to do with negative articles. There should be a portal that gives out the actual information about Bitcoin and its use.

She also plans to setup a coffee shop that will hold Bitcoin meetings and house a commission free ATM for bitcoins.

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