The devastating earthquake in Nepal just recently left thousands dead and thousand others homeless. Within a few days of this news making headlines, the toll had already risen to 4000 people. However, it in these testing times when the world unites as one that faith in humanity is restored.

The aid to the calamity struck nation was swift and Red Cross committed to the aid of $300,000 along with 19,000 non-food kits carrying essential items to help the victims get through this tough time. Online fun raising platform, Global Giving, has already raised a whopping $570,000 and promised to donate up to $1 Million in support of the victims.

Bitcoin also pitching in aid

When all the major communities are coming together to send help to the people in Nepal, Bitcoin community too extended a helping hand by offering to provide the aid that is needed and also to remind that Bitcoins can be used for this charitable cause by accepting donations at lowered costs.

Erik Bouchard, founder See Change Foundation, has already received 100 bitcoin donations within 36 hours ranging from $1 to $100.

The Nepal based charity platform aims to provide low cost housing to the people who are homeless as result of this shattering earthquake. 740 homes and more have been reduced to rubble in a small district that was quake zone’s epicentre. Donations will also be used to pay for medical care, food, transportation and blood drive.       

Efforts at the Grass root Level

Bouchard smartly used this Bitcoin platform to further his aim of helping the community. He announced in November last year that they will accept donations via BitPay and received an overwhelming response from technology enthusiast in Reddit.

After posting the work that they did with $30, the community donated over $2000 with an open heart via ChangeTip and website donations.

Following suit, BitGive foundation is also accepting donations from Bitcoins on behalf of Medic Mobile’s office located in Nepal. This crypto currency is cashed out into fiat by using BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processor.

Aid from International Bitcoin Community

The efforts to help Nepal earthquake victims is not limited to their own country but many companies in the international digital currency space have reached out by setting up donation campaigns. Even the American Red Cross, an affiliate of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is also taking donations via ChangeTip and processing it via BitPay.

The Twitter users can also make contributions by syncing their Bitcoin wallet to their ChangeTip account and transferring the desired amount. Be sure to tweet and tag American Red Cross and ChangeTip once done.

Opening up the Bitcoin donation for this purpose will prove highly beneficial for creating acceptance of Bitcoins into the traditional systems of payment.

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