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Bitcoin Transactions via BitStamp Exchange Traceable

Bitcoin Transactions via BitStamp Exchange Traceable

As per the latest update in the Bitcoin space, the Bitcoin transactions made via BitStamp exchange are traceable, apparently. This revelation was highlighted by bitcoin security firm BlockTrail when they were reviewing the exchange activity for their internal monitoring. The issue came forth that the change address is being recorded…

Bitcoin Making foray into mainstream

Bitcoin Making foray into mainstream

Inside Bitcoin conference in New York had a clear agenda to move the crypto currency away from its political beliefs and think of ways to promote it into conventional systems. Over the years, while Bitcoin started with a lot of speculation, it has been falling out of favour in the…


PayPal Change of Terms to Spur Bitcoin Payments

Just recently PayPal made an announcement about modifying their terms of service in July this year which is likely to stimulate bitcoin payments and transactions. PayPal will make changes to their User Agreement where they indicate that the company will hold rights to the content published by the publishers via…


Bitcoin makes travel affordable in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been funding start-ups to realize its dream of making it a “bitcoin capital of the world”. In retrospect, Amsterdam has encouraged bitcoin related events in the past and also opened the Bitcopin Boulevard that signed up 10 merchants who will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. They…