Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. This notion has been sold by top advertisers for tens of years to keep their products selling at a premium price. However, this generation is smarter and is not only looking for attractive but also intelligent ways to invest their money, thus the Bitcoin engagement ring.

3D ring, really?

This ring was a hobbyhorse of Seb Neumayer who thought of this idea back in 2014 when he participated in MIT hackathon. It took him less than a year to tweak this design and make it into what we see today. This design tweak has made this ring possible for mainstream adoption. Losing the ring will obviously not mean that you would also lose your money because the cash in your Bitcoin account will still be associated with the Blockchain account.

How does it work?

If this ring floats your boat then you can also get one for you on the BTC ring website where there is free option availability to change the design of the ring free of charge. You can get it in the metal of your choice and also the design. While you are not liable to pay for this, you are still free to tip bitcoins in Neumayer’s tip jar on the website. This is a great product for all those people who fancied an encrypted ring at some point.

This 3D printed ring has a QR code underneath the design which is backed by an app corresponding to that code. Anyone who has that app can scan the code on your ring and get the details of your bitcoin balance.

This ring is not only a novel idea but also a cheap way of owning jewellery. If you ever lose one, don’t worry, just print yourself another!

If you are an ardent cryptocurrency enthusiast then this ring is one of the most innovative ways to seal your marriage with the technology. The value of the ring is secure in the bloickchain so the actual physical ring has no value unless you have the blockchain account information corresponding to the QR code. Since diamonds only enjoy the privilege of perceived value, BTC rings are a great way to flaunt your digital wealth that can be seen by scanning the QR code.

Each and every ring is unique and there are regulations in place to avoid the design from being replicated.

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