Jared Marx, reputable attorney in Washington D.C. belonging to the firm Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis has been in support of all the businesses and individuals that are working in the Bitcoin Industry. He offers unprecedented counsel in reference to Security and Exchange Commission and their regulations regarding Bitcoin. He also provides support during criminal and civil proceedings that arise out of SEC regulation in the Bitcoin industry.

According to Jared, the latest ruling in SEC will bring startup companies like Bitcoin 2.0 and Crypto 2.0 to the forefront and give this entire industry, as a whole, a revolutionary boost. These companies are currently operating in USA and are new businesses.

 The new rule allows financial support to upcoming businesses

SEC makes it possible for the future businesses to now seek financial help from well informed and educated investors in the market. The new rules will facilitate smaller companies to gain access to capital. It also gives more options to the investors with safer choices of investment. So far, companies like Bitcoin 2.0 have been suffering immensely due to vague definitions of security under the purview of US law. Even though the shroud of ambiguity has not been lifted entirely, they do provide a low cost safe investment option to companies that do not want to suffer at the hands of unpredictability and exposure to criminals by acknowledging their sales as that of securities.

 Small Companies can now file for mini registration with SEC

The small companies earlier could only sell securities to big companies that were wealthy and could only do so after going through an expensive and tough registration process of SEC. However, now with the mini registration, they will be able to sell their securities over the internet and to normal people. To make this more uniform and easy, the state-level compliance has also been kept to minimum. There is, but a fine print of the whole deal that can offer detailed perspective into this new regulation.

Limitation on capital being set to $20M to $50M

 The businesses that choose to raise capital this way will have to first get their financial statements audited by SEC and must report regularly to the regulatory body. Depending upon the “tier” you choose, even the capital limit has been sized between $20M and $50M. In fact, the companies are allowed to accept only a certain amount of money from each investor. Although the limit has been set to 10% of the investor’s income or wealth, which can be very high depending upon the capability of an investor.

These rules will give the small companies a necessary push to mark their territory into the growing business field of Bitcoin.

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