17 year old teen from Virginia in US has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for making blog and Twitter posts about Bitcoin and encryption to help ISIL that US considers as a terror outfit.

Ali Shukri Amin, the teenager, was convicted guilty of a federal charge of helping Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant with material support.

Link Tweets about how Jihadis can use Bitcoin

The twitter handle @amreekiwitness had garnered some 4000 followers and posted over 7000 times. Last year in July, the teen used Twitter to post a link that gave information as to how jihadis can use bitcoin for their ‘higher purpose’. His conviction and subsequent persecution sends a message to all the people who think they can use social media to spread hate message. According to Dana Boente, US Attornet for Eastern District Virginia, that all the sources who are trying to lend support to ISIL will be identified and punished with just as much alacrity as the ones that travel all the way to ISIL and take up arms.

For this fear, ISIS supporters prefer using their Twitter accounts on Android through their BlackBerry and iPhone.

What the blog posts were about

As per the teen’s statement in the court on Thursday, the articles were about Bitcoins, what they were and how they can use the new bitcoin wallet, the Dark Wallet, to keep the users anonymous.  This article also included comprehensive information regarding how to make anonymous donations for the cause of Mujahedeen by using bitcoins and keeping their identity a secret.

ISIL Needs a Website

The youth also tweeted in August last year that Islam’s messenger and political system, Khilafah, required a website and a single source of information. He also approached ISIL to stop releasing their propaganda without using correct channels and use JustPaste.it.

In his subsequent tweets, he also provided detailed information regarding prevention of this website being blocked by strengthening its security defence. He also sought help from his Twitter followers to develop the website.

Detailed information regarding encryption

His blogs also included technical articles that were targeted towards would-be jihadists and supporters of ISIL that relays how to use encryption in order to make their online communication more secure. He also discussed about anonymity techniques, tools and software along with using bitcoin to help fund ISIL anonymously.

Yet again, by no fault of theirs, Bitcoin has come up again in the wrong light. Using anonymous virtual currency to fund terror outfits is not the kind of publicity that Bitcoins, especially when it is beginning to garner attention of high profile financial institutions.

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