Now you can use your bitcoins for a good cause! BitFury, BlockChain infrastructure based in San Francisco has partnered with a Co-investment fund of Georgia so that the people are able to lend their support to Georgia flood victims.

Downpour that washed the city away

Heavy rainfall on Sunday with high torrential winds on Sunday brought forth a devastating torrent that is responsible for killing 12 people and destroying several homes while tearing up the roads. The winds were so strong that it threw the vehicles on the trees that mangled in its destruction. Following this natural disaster, many have been left homeless. This nature’s fury also wreaked its havoc on the zoos and it is still under contemplation the damage it caused to the animals.

BitFury Extends a Helping Hand

Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury Group expressed their deepest condolences for the families that suffered loss of lives and property as a result of flooding in Tbilisi on a fateful Sunday of June 13th. They also made an official statement that on behalf of BitFury, they would like to make donations to the victims in bitcoins. They have also made a provision through their website to enable other people to help make donations. They joined hands with Georgian Co-Investment Fund to setup a wallet that will accept donations in bitcoin.

Enabling the community to help each other

In these testing times, both the companies have together made a platform available that will enable bitcoin users and enthusiasts to put their bitcoins to good use by helping the victims that suffered major losses of lives and property. Their strongly hope and believe that their effort will bring some sort of relief to the victims t rebuild their lives.

Bitcoin community also once again came together when Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake of 7.9 magnitudes killing more than 10,000 people and leaving even more homeless. The country was swept in loss and sorrow that the earthquake caused in their lives. However, the bitcoin community came together and donated generously for the cause.

They have another opportunity to help the victims of Georgian floods by donating for a yet another great cause.

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