This Monday, The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), a non-profit based out of Toronto announced the opening of the world’s first Bitcoin certification program. Apart from the MOOC and the MSC in digital currencies lectured by the University of Nicosia C4 becomes the first institution to open up certification programs in the cryptocurrency field.

Digital currencies are proving to be a teaming ground of development and a new labor industry that is increasingly demanding candidates to solve the skills shortage in the industry. With Bitcoin related start-ups continuing to pop up from venture capitalists and existing multinational companies now accepting Bitcoin payments, there is a lack of skilled technical experts to fill Bitcoin roles.

Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the MSC professors commented:

“Over the next few years, several thousand people will be hired in this space. The certification program from C4 will be an important way for startups to evaluate the knowledge and skills of job applicants.”

Over the last few months, C4 has had help from dozens of advisors across the Bitcoin industry in building an exam that tests this knowledge in its applicants. Bitcoin knowledge is divided into six domains – which cover a total of 32 topics – that should be understood by a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP).

Michael Perklin, C4’s President says:

“While it’s getting easier to use every day, the fact is that Bitcoin can be difficult to use until you understand it, just like email was in the ’80s. However in this case it’s digital money instead of digital mail; if your company will be handling crypto currencies like Bitcoin, you’ll need staff and experts who know how Bitcoin works in order to ensure your funds are stored safely.”

While C4 is certifying existing professionals now, they are already working with schools and training companies to ensure their courses will cover the necessary material in order to prepare students for C4′s exams. Feedback from the community have been positive to date.

C4 has also been working on building the outline and question set for the certification exam. The company has been putting a lot of effort in coordinating operations along with several companies and institutions to ensure it stays current. C4’s advisory panel covers all areas of expertise within the Bitcoin industry.

For now, the institution only has opened the CBP, Certified Bitcoin professional, which basically cover knowledge about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates. A Certified Bitcoin Professional will be able to apply Bitcoin technology to their professional area of expertise and understand privacy aspects, double-spending, and other issues that relate to the currency.

Additional certifications such as the Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX) will be available later this winter which will cover advanced technical knowledge required by developers and security professionals. The company hopes to be providing several other related certifications for alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum in a near future.

Peter Todd, a Bitcoin Core Developer who recently completed the CBP exam said:

“I thought it was a very reasonable test of Bitcoin knowledge appropriate for the level of a Bitcoin Professional. I’m looking forward to the more in-depth Bitcoin Expert certification. The knowledge is so new that until now we didn’t have any way to measure it and that has created questions and doubts regarding security.”

The Digital currencies Industry is on a fast rise. The constant demand for qualified professional in the crypto currencies space is increasing at full pace. To keep up with this rising demand Universities and other teaching institutions will most likely be opening a whole set of specific cryptocurrency related certifications.