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Darkcoin Price Fell 20 in a Week

Darkcoin Price Fell 20% in a Week

The Darkcoin price has not fared well recently, much to the chagrin of investors. Over the past few weeks, the Darkcoin price has experienced a steady decline, followed by a crash and brief recovery. Darkcoin Price Fell 20% This Week Over the past seven days, the Darkcoin price fell 20%.…

Key Negotiator in Bter NXT Hack Speaks

Key Negotiator in Bter NXT Hack Speaks

BTer recently suffered a hack of over 51 million NXT, which was its single largest market. They were, with the help of a negotiator, able to recover most of the funds. This morning, we were handed a sort of self-interview / narrative written by the key negotiator himself. While we…